Reading aloud is the single most important activity parents can do to prepare their children for reading and learning.

Read Aloud Lincoln is a two-year initiative that includes a passionate group of partners who want to spread the word to parents and caregivers that 15 minutes of reading aloud daily from birth to age 8 can profoundly impact success for all Lincoln’s children, both in school and in life.

Read Aloud Lincoln’s primary goal is to have every child ready to read when entering kindergarten and continue to build their literacy skills during their early school years. This can happen when parents read aloud 15 minutes a day, every day. It is the single most important thing they can do to prepare their child for reading and learning.

Read Aloud Lincoln promotes the collaboration and expansion of current early childhood reading opportunities and programs of the Lincoln City Libraries, Lincoln Children’s Museum, Nebraska History Museum, Midwestern African Museum of Art, and the University of Nebraska State Museum. These libraries and museums will provide fun, educational programming and events to promote reading aloud in a variety of community spaces, while enhancing their exhibits with early reading-oriented resources and events.

Read Aloud Lincoln provides children and their families with expanded opportunities to learn about, experiment with, and talk about reading activities through reading challenges, museum experiences, parental workshops, and community celebrations.

Read Aloud Lincoln will initially focus on providing resources to the diverse populations within the South of Downtown neighborhoods. Over time additional community partners will expand the outreach of the initiative throughout Lincoln.

Read Aloud Lincoln is made possible through a grant received from the Institute of Museums and Library Services and the Lincoln Community Foundation in support of the Prosper Lincoln community agenda. Community involvement and support is encouraged and greatly appreciated.