Morrill Hall Reading Challenge 2018

Your challenge starts now! For every day you read, connect a dot on the connect-the-dots dinosaur picture. Read for 21 days, and reveal Sandy, the adult female rhino (Teleoceras major*). How to win? As part of this Read Aloud Lincoln + Morrill Hall Challenge, read for 21 days and bring your completed dot-to-dot to Morrill Hall by November 30, 2018. You’ll automatically earn a paleo-prize for completing this challenge, plus be entered to win a dino-mite prize package from the Museum!


October 25, 2018 | 5:00-8:00pm Regular Museum Admission – Members attend for free!

Morrill Hall Activities that “dig” into the work of paleontology: • Test your skills in trying to identify what a fossil is and isn’t. • Dig and sort for fossils like a paleontologist. • Bring a fossil for a scientist to identify