Recommended Reading


More than one in three children arrive at kindergarten without the skills necessary for lifetime learning. Research shows that reading aloud is the single most important thing you can do to help a child prepare for reading and learning.


A nurturing family routine of reading aloud every day from birth will help your baby feel safe, loved, and ready for school and life. From birth to 12 months it’s all about sounds, words, and feelings!


What’s typical development? And what can parents and caregivers do to be sure their child is getting the stimulation he or she needs? Click the button below to know what to look for as a child learns and grows from infancy to preschool.

6 Awesome Tips for Reading Chapter Books with Preschoolers

Getting hooked on a great chapter book builds a desire and thirst for reading.  What parent doesn’t want their child to be thirsty for books?  Starting this read-aloud habit early is key. 

Help Your Child Get Ready to Read

These resources will help you expand your knowledge of early literacy, give you ideas on sharing books with your child and how to help her get a good start on reading and learning.