You can volunteer to read aloud to a child!

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Read Aloud Lincoln needs help to spread the word that it’s important for all parents to read aloud to their children every day. You can help! There are many opportunities for you or a group of people to volunteer your time and talents to read aloud to a child, help with reading-related activities, participate in reading celebrations, or assist with parent workshops. Turn your interest into action by becoming a volunteer for Read Aloud Lincoln. Please let us know how you would like to help. Contact us or sign up here to learn more.

How can your business, organization, or group of friends help promote the goals of Read Aloud Lincoln? In addition to your time, you can donate funds to purchase books to be given to children, sponsor memberships to museums, provide tickets to arts and cultural events, provide meals or snacks for family events, and much more. Contact us for more information or donate directly through Prosper Lincoln with a designation for Read Aloud Lincoln.